Project Description

Our facial treatment is both cleansing and nourishing, suitable for all skin types.

We begin the treatment with a red tea facial foam, which cleans the surface from impurities and old skin. We continue with a nurturing rice oatmeal facial scrub. The scrub contains rice blain oil which has E-Vitamin and antioxidants.

Following the scrub is a relaxing face massage. For this, the client has a choice of two different products, an olive and rice bran face oil or a red tea anti-wrinkle cream.

As a result, your skin is youthful and smoother. To finish up, we use a red tea toner. This contains a variety of essences (aloe leaf juice, shisho and mushroom extracts.) The toner moisturises the skin whilst leaving it able to breathe. Your skin will be vibrant and resilient!

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